Google Pay Bug: Getting 7 Scratch Card Per Day


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Google Pay comes with a new offer in which a user will get Rs.200-Rs.2020 to get Rs.200 – Rs.2020 On Google Pay you have to complete the cake by doing some task.

The offer is quite similar to Diwali offer in which we have to collect five stamps to get Rs.251

What is Google Pay Bug

The bug is working fine as you have to send Rs.150 to any other Google Pay user and you will get all scratch cards per day.

1). Send Rs 150 to any Google pay member, and you’ll get stamp card with 1 scratch card upto 1000, do it 7 times with 7 scratch card per day. It’s a Bug

2).Gpay bug getting stamps on transactions offer will be live from tomorrow but getting stamps on transactions


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