Nokia introduced the world’s first 5-camera mobile, these are special things about Nokia 9

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Nokia has introduced its new phone ‘Nokia 9 -Pureview’. This is the world’s first such mobile phone, with five cameras

Barcelona: Nokia has introduced its new phone ‘Nokia 9- PureView’. It is the world’s first such mobile phone, with five cameras. Finnish company HMD Global creates Nokia’s smartphones.

This phone is designed for photography and technology enthusiasts. It has a gyration optics lens, which makes the photo look great. This device was introduced in the Mobile World Congress in 2019, held in Barcelona on Sunday.

Nokia 9 Features

This phone has a display fingerprint sensor with wireless charging. According to the company, five cameras of the Nokia 9Pluyeway take photographs and finally present them in a 12-megapixel HDR format.

Nokia 9 Photography

Photographs can also be taken in the RAW DNG (Digital Negative) format via this smartphone. After this, it can be edited directly via the Adobe’s LighterAp app.

Nokia 9 Price

The phone costs $ 699 (about Rs 47,000).

Nokia 9 Android Version

Apart from this phone, the company has also introduced four new Android smartphones. These include ‘Nokia120’, ‘NOKIA 3.2’, ‘Nokia 1 Plus’ (Go Edition), which runs Android 9 Pie and ‘Nokia 201’, used by the company’s most affordable Internet.

Nokia 9 Extra Features

“We are introducing Google Assistant buttons through Nokia 9 PureView and other phones, apart from this, we are introducing new photo, image and display technology at economical prices,” said JHOWO Sublicacas, chief product officer of HMD Global. “

Nokia 9 Better Battery And Speed

The company says that due to the Android processor these phones will not have any unnecessary user interface (UI) and there will be no hidden processes in it, which will reduce the battery life of the phone or reduce its speed.

Florian Sish, Chief Executive Officer of HMD Global said, “Through our new phone, we are bringing the latest technology to our customers. With the help of Google, our portfolio has been empowered.”

Nokia 9 Charging

Apart from this, Nokia has also improved its range of accessories. The company is associated with ‘Nokia Wireless Charger’ and ‘Nokia Portable Wireless Charger’, both of which work on Universal Qi Charging Standards.

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