PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 Update Arriving Next Week With Spectate Mode, Darkest Night Mode and More

PUBG update 0.12.0 will be roll out in next week 16th, April 2019

PUBG Mobile – PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile upcoming update 0.12 is going to be released next week as revealed in a recent press statement by Tencent. The PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile update will be rolled out around April 26, 2019, as the actual date was not given by the Tencent. And PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile Beta has already received the update 0.12 now stable version update 0.12 is going to be moved in the main version of the game or for all PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile users.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile update 0.12 coming with some new cool features. The new update has Survive Till Down 2.0 mode which is a zombie mode, spectator mode, Darkest Night Mode, and different crosshair modifications will also be available. The updates or patch details which were given by Tencent are given below, so without wasting time lets check the patches.

Spectator Mode

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile comes with the most amazing and asked feature update. By this update, players can spectate their friends, clan member, and crew who are playing or in a match which is a quite interesting feature.

Survive Till Dawn 2.0

Survive Till Dawn or zombie mode is back with a new upcoming update. The update brings the new weapons and new zombies to make it more competitive. It comes with new gruesome ghouls and never before seen ballistic weaponry for even more nightmarish gameplay.

Crosshair Modifications

Now, this is also a cool update in crosshair modifications by this update the red dot, holographic, 2X scope and 3X would be able to adjust in different colors, along with multiple shape variations of the red dot reticle which helps to improve your aim.

Darkest Night

Players can team up or drop-in solo to survive the undead invasion and toxic gas until the evacuation.

So these are the updates which are going to come in the 0.12 version. Comment in the comment section for which update feature you are more excited or interested.


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  1. Hey I’m Vaibhav Kumavat Im a student of BBA(CA) I love gaming..In the pubg mobile can you add in war mode with shotguns feature bcoz I love shotguns and easy to operate and play…thank u

    • Hello, Vaibhav good to see your passion about gaming and bro I am not the PUBG developer so I can’t add the feature that you are talking about… Hope You Understand


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