Tips To Avoid Getting Hacked


Hacking always comes in our mind whenever we connect to the virtual world. As we all spent most of the time on the internet, some use the internet for business, education, fun, refreshment, etc. the purpose may be different but we all use the Internet. But we all worried about not to be hacked by hackers because of just one wrong click and game over. So to save, your self from hacker just remember these tips.

Update Regurly

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Updating comes the first while using the social network or the internet because with the help of updates you have already saved yourself from hacker, Whenever we see an update we ignore the update like we don’t need the update because it takes time and data for updating the software whereas, Updating software provides the latest version of the software, fix bugs, patches that may not be resolved in the previous version.

PRO TIP:- Use Auto-Update feature for automatic update

Use Smart Passwords

PasswordChalkBoard 1024x683

When it comes to the passwords we all choose the simple password to login fastly and also easy to remember and we also set the same password for almost every website or social sites which is not good. So to deal with it here is the pro tip.

Passwords are the key which enables us to login or authorizes us that the user is genuine or not. While choosing the password you have to make your password strong as much as you can, As you can see the above image there is a difference between the weak password and strong password, Strong passwords are hard to break and takes a long time to break it depends on your password as always choose a strong password.

Download from authorized sources

videoblocks virus download concept rrzisop7he thumbnail full01

Did you ever think you will be hacked just by downloading files? Yes its true you will be easily hacked by downloading the files because there are many techniques which allows hacker to edit the file and attach their malicious code with the original file and when you download the file everything looks normal but unfortunately you have downloaded the malicious file by which hacker can hack your system by creating the backdoor with the help of that file. So to protect your self always download from the safe source and don’t go for piracy because most of the pirated sites are hosted by the hackers.

PRO TIP:- Always check the file extension of your file that you have downloaded

A Good AntiVirus

mac antivirus hub 100754948 orig

Antivirus is the best way to secure self from hackers or attackers who try to hack your system it is like Prevention Is Better Than Cure with the help of antivirus you can easily restrict the applications or monitor them. Now here comes how to choose the antivirus as all the antivirus are not same but the purpose of all antivirus is same – to protect your system and privacy, Antivirus comes with different functionalities depends on their plans that you are using.

Say No To Public WiFi

Dangers of Public Wifi

Yes, you have read the right heading – Say No To Public WiFi. When it comes to the free WiFi we all connect the WiFi and start downloading without know that using public WiFi can allow hackers to hack our mobiles, systems, etc. Yes, there many techniques by which hacker can hack your system by providing you free WiFi, the hackers can access your Storage, SD Card, photos, documents, etc. not even access they can download them even they can read your contacts and messages without your permission. They can also check what you are doing with their free WiFI network. The most common technique used by hackers is PACKET SNIFFING

PRO TIP:- Never Use Free WiFi in Trains, hotels, hospitals, etc.


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