Top Amazing Websites to hunt Boredom During Quarantine

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Top amazing websites to visit during the quarantine or stressful time to hunt down your boredom. As you know that the whole world is currently affected by the Novel Coronavirus or Covid-19. Which is a fatal disease that is still not getting any treatment and this disease is spreading like wildfire, due to which many people are losing their lives?

Top Amazing Websites to hunt Boredom During Quarantine bored min

This disease is mostly spread through human contact and as per doctors, this virus can spread from one human to thousands of humans.

So to prevent this disease, Our government (Narendra Damodardas Modi) has locked up entire India from 12:00 pm on March 24, due to which we cannot go to the market without any attention nor anywhere(except in an emergency).

Due to which we are forced to be in our house, which is becoming a ring of sadness because we had become addicted to a busy life.

So we have found some good websites to overcome the apathy so that you will pass the time in a very good way and you will also get to learn something.

So here’s the list of Top Amazing Websites

WorldOMeter – Corona Virus Live Update

live corona updates top amazing websites

As you all know the coronavirus is spreading rapidly and the number of patients suffering from the corona is increasing day by day due to the negligence of humans and not taking it as a serious disease, if you are also eager to know the number of coronavirus victims[Live Update]. You can check with the help of the WorldOMeter website.

This website has data from all over the world. Through this website, you can check the number of data of World Population, Government and Economics, Society and Media, Environment, Food, Water, Energy, Health.


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REELGOOD [Best Streaming Website/App]

reelgood for live streaming top amazing websites

The best way to hunt down the boring mood is to watch something that makes you happy, excited or feels relaxed. Following the trend, we are addicted to the Web Series day by day on most popular apps/websites like NetFlix, Amazon Prime(Prime Video), Hulu, Show Time, HBO, etc.

But the problem is these apps take lots of space on your smartphones or you have to switch app every time to check the latest shows on these apps which makes quite irritating. To overcome this problem the ReelGood comes in the picture and in the list of top amazing websites.

By using the ReelGood App/website you can stream your favorite shows in one place or in one app only. All you have to connect your accounts with ReelGood and enjoy the show.


Pixel Thoughts [Best Stress Buster]

pixel thought is the best stress buster

Day by day we are getting bored because of quarantine by which we are getting stress, to overcome the stress the best thing is to do Meditation, Yoga or some daily Exercises. But the problem is that we can no do these things all the time so to overcome this situation give your stress to the stars and let them disappear.

This is an amazing website in which you can release your stress by just putting your “Problem” in the place of “What’s bothering you..” then click on DONE
Now listen to the cheerful background meditation sound [Use Earphones, Headphones for better experience] and read the quotes above the stars and let your stress go away from you which makes it count in the number of top amazing websites.


ZOOMQUILT ~ Infinite Zoom

zoomquilt for infinte zoom top amazing website

ZOOMQUILT is a website that has an image and that has infinite zoom or we can say a never-ending image. As soon as you open the website you will see the above image and it will start zooming without doing anything or any click, This will blow your mind while starring at the zooming image.


ZOOMQUILT Alternatives ~

Pointer Pointer

pointer pointer to locate our mouse pointer top amazing websites

Pointer Pointer is a website with its amazing feature, as the name says Pointer Pointer it will going to point your you mouse cursor. As soon as you open the website and move your mouse pointer anywhere on the screen and hold for some time then you will see there will be an image come which will point out your mouse cursor and that looks so amazing.



essay typer for essay typing hack

EssayTyper is an amazing website which will generate an essay on any topic just you have to type the topic name and you have to click on the pencil icon, it will open a new page now you have to press any key from your keyboard and it will start writing the essay on the topic.

You can use this website to trick your friends or to impress someone that you have GOD Level Typing speed and no one can beat you on this typing.


The Faces Of Facebook

the faces of facebook graph top amazing websites

Did you ever wonder how many pictures are uploaded on Facebook every second? Well, the number is too big to read and increasing at a very fast rate second by second.

All the tiny dots you are seeing in the above image are the faces or images uploaded by the users on Facebook. All you have to Click on any Dot or Zoom In over any Dot then you will be able to check the images or faces uploaded by the users.

The best thing is that you can also visit the profile of the user by clicking on the image

Note: As this website required login to check the user’s profile, We are not responsible for any data loss or password leaks



gethuman to know the contact numbers of company top amazing websites

Did you ever search for Company’s Phone number or contact number or Mail Address and in end you fed up with the wrong numbers. Don’t worry now you don’t have to go anywhere to find out the company’s customer care numbers or Mail Address all you have to go to the GetHuman website where you will get almost every company customer care contact numbers.


So here our top amazing websites list end but don’t worry we will come again with new amazing stuff.

Which website do you like most? Please comment in the comment section and don’t forget to share this post with your friends, family members, etc.

And we safe from the Corona Virus or COVID-19.

#StaySafe #StayHome #Qurantine #CoronaVirus

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