What happens when Google is Down for 1 Minute?

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Have you ever thought about What happens when Google is Down for some time? #GoogleNews #News #GoogleDown

As we all know, Google is a very large search engine that handles daily millions of searches in less than a second, what What happens when Google is Down for a minute or an hour.

Google is not just a search engine but also provides a lot of services that we use daily like Gmail, YouTube, Google Pay, Google Drive, Google Photos, etc. [Full Services]

First we understand How Many Google Searches per Minute?

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How many searches are there on Google per Minute?

Although Google does not share the exact numbers of searches per minute, As reported by SEOTribunal.com, Google handles an average of 3.8 million (38 Lakhs) searches per minute worldwide.

This comes to 228 million (22.8 Crores) searches per hour, 5.6 billion (560 Crores) searches per day, or 2 trillion (2,00,000 Crores) searches per year!

Now coming to the main point What happens when Google is Down?

This is What happens when Google is Down!

What happens when Google is Down
What happens when Google is Down

This question originally appeared on QuoraWhat would happen if Google were to shut down for 30 minutes? Answer by Ashish Kedia, who works at Google.

In August 2013, Google and all of its services came down briefly for 2-3 minutes. And the whole internet traffic went down by a massive 40%. [1]
A similar incident also occurred in May 2009. [2]

Note that it was just for 2 minutes. Imagine 30 minutes. It’s highly unlikely but here is what I think will happen.

  1. First few minutes people will check their Internet connection. Some will even call their Service Provider. Some may even check for hardware failures on their side – which is still more likely than a 30-minute outage
  2. People will then realize that it’s true. There will be a period of disbelief. People will desperately try to reload Google’s Homepage.
  3. People all around the world will start taking screenshots of the Google Server Error Page. [Likely 500]
  4. Your Facebook Newsfeed will be full of “OMG Can’t believe”, “I witnessed something astonishing” along with several images from the previous point.
  5. People will search for alternate search engines ~ but how? Most of them don’t even know that there are alternative search engines.
  6. Bing and Yahoo will get a huge traffic surge.
  7. DuckDuckGo ( Page on duckduckgo.com ) will start trending on Twitter. People will realize it’s good. (That’s a search engine that doesn’t track you by the way.)
  8. Many other internet apps – that use Google Services in the backend will also come down. Without Gmail, for 30 minutes the productivity across the whole world will drop by a huge margin.
  9. I can’t even imagine the revenue loss – not just for Google but for all the companies throughout the world that uses Google.
  10. Android users will be stranded on the roads and iPhone users will be lost in the lanes if Google Maps stopped working for 30 minutes.
  11. Among all these fiasco Internet life in China will remain unaffected.
  12. People at other competitive companies will enjoy and sing songs.

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After the outage is fixed and services are restored:

  1. Google will release its statement to the press – explaining the cause (maybe)
  2. Tech-savvy people around the world will try to dig deep in search of the cause of the outage.
  3. Many will speculate that a group of hackers are responsible. People will then approach many hackers regarding their opinion
  4. The media will call experts and try to analyze the situation themselves.
  5. Many bloggers will write a post about “How we are too dependent on Google? – A reality check”. Even the media will do it.
  6. Quora would be full of questions – “Why did it happen ?”, “What do you think about the outage ?”, “Can it happen again ?”, “Was my data leaked?”, “Is it true that Google was hacked ?”, etc.
  7. A lot of users will switch from Google services to alternates.
  8. BuzzFeed and ScoopWhoop will have articles like “Google went down for 30 minutes. You won’t believe what happened next.” and “10 things to do when Google goes down the next time” *.
  9. People will find this answer and realize that many of them are actually happening.

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The above answer is in the year 2013 when the Internet Users in the whole world is 2,728,428,107( 272.84 Crores) which is 38 % of 7,181,715,139 (718.171 Crores) World Population

Source : Internet Live Stats

Now in the Year 2020, we are more connected to the digital world and spend an average of 30% – 65% of the time of our day on the internet by watching Videos, Listening to Music, Reading EBooks, Writing Mails or Articles, etc.

It is amazing to know internet users are almost double in the Year 2020 in comparison to the Year 2013, in the year 2020 when the Internet Users in the whole world is 4,766,059,829 (476.60 Crores) [Source] which is 60% of 7,794,798,739 (779.479 Crores) [Source] World Population.

Now you can understand What happens when Google is Down and how much loss will Google or its services bear when Google goes down for 1 minute or hour.

There is a website called Internet Live Stats which shows you the live counting of internet users and what they are doing.

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Google Down FAQs

Is Google Down is Permanent?

Well, Google will never go for Permanent Down because Google is the only search engine that acquires 94% of searches among all the popular search engines. and this will not be good for Google Bank Accounts and Google Share Values.

Main Competitor of Google Search Engine ?

Yahoo is the main competitor to Google which has 2.32% market shares in market and the Second largest Search Engine

What to do when Google is Down?

Google has a vast number of highly skilled technicians and developers who work for Google day and night, In-case Google Down every technician will try to find out a way to make Google Server’s UP.

What are the other Search e Engines to use when Google is Down

There are so many search engines to use and every search engine have different functionality and services,
9 Best Google Search Engine Alternatives –
1. Yahoo
2. Bing.
3. DuckDuckGo.
4. CC Search.
5. Swisscows.
6. Yandex
7. StartPage.
8. Search Encrypt.
9. Gibiru.

Additional Services Provided by Google

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Additional Google Services [Source]

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