Best Air Cooler in India September 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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A good quality air cooler acts as a welcome relief during summers where temperatures can soar and humidity can make us lethargic and unenthusiastic about life in general. The modern market gives us an abundance of choices when it comes to choosing any one of the best air coolers in India.

Modern technology has made our lives incredibly easy and efficient. We have the pleasure of being able to use a host of different electronic devices that are geared towards making day-to-day activities a lot simpler than we could have imagined.

Not only has technology brought refreshing changes to the way we work or eat, but it has also fundamentally altered the limitations of the things we can and cannot control.

Weather and Climate Effect

The weather and climate of any particular area is an inescapable reality and the best air cooler in India has made it possible for us to significantly lower internal temperatures to suit our convenience so that we can work, rest and live in comfort.

Often it has been seen that certain individuals are left overwhelmed as a result of the plethora of choices on display and it is quite natural to see that this is happening more as a higher number of products enter the market.

We will be getting into the nitty-gritty so that you can make an informed rational choice by the end of this article. The Indian household is now gradually shifting to air conditioners as a result of rising incomes and an augmented purchasing power ability.

Despite this, it should be clearly stated that the usefulness of air coolers has by no means diminished. We will now discuss some of the important factors that you should keep in mind while considering a particular air cooler that you are looking to purchase

Air Coolers V/S Air Conditioners

Air coolers are an economical and eco-friendly alternative to air conditioners. Their price range is Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 – which is 75% less than an air conditioner.

Some of the best indoor air cooler brands are Symphony, Bajaj, Orient, Crompton, and Kenstar. To make sure you purchase the right air cooler, it is important to consider certain factors…

Top 10 Best Air Coolers in India September 2023

No.Top 10 Best Air Cooler In India September 2023Price
1Symphony Siesta 70 Ltrs Cooler (White)Check Price
2Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Ltrs Room Air CoolerCheck Price
3Orient Electric Smartcool-DX CP1601H 16-Litre Personal Air CoolerCheck Price
4Bajaj DC2015 Icon 43 Ltrs Room Air Cooler (White) – For Large RoomCheck Price
5Bajaj Frio 23 Ltrs Personal Air Cooler (White)Check Price
6Symphony Ice Cube 27 Personal Room CoolerCheck Price
7Crompton Aura Woodwool 55-Litre Desert Cooler Check Price
8Maharaja Whiteline Rambo AC-303 65 L Cooler (White and Grey)Check Price
9Crompton Honeycomb 88-Litre Desert Cooler Check Price
10Bajaj MD2020 54 Ltrs Room Air Cooler (White) – for Medium RoomCheck Price

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Air Cooler In India

1. Room/Personal Cooler Vs Desert Cooler

Air coolers are of two distinct types and both of these types are suitable for a kind of environment. As is evident from the name itself, personal air coolers are mainly used for cooling small to mid-sized rooms.

These types of coolers have an average water tank capacity of around 20-30 liters and most of them mainly use blowers for cooling purposes. Their price range roughly starts from around Rs. 5000 so they can be considered as a good economical option.

Desert coolers, on the other hand, are primarily used for lowering the temperature of medium to large-sized rooms.

The water tank in the coolers has an approximate capacity of around 30-40 liters and the most often used mechanism for cooling is a large fan. Also, these variants are slightly more expensive and come in the range of around Rs. 8000.

Type, Water Tank, and Cooling Capacity

These three factors determine whether that particular air cooler is suitable for your requirements. There are different types of air coolers like room coolers, tower coolers, and desert coolers.

Based on the type of air cooler, the water tank and cooling capacity vary. Below are the general guidelines which help you choose the right air cooler for your needs.

TypeWater Tank CapacityCooling Capacity
Tower Air Coolers15 to 30 LitersUp to 100 Sq.ft
Room/Personal Air Coolers20 to 50 Liters100 to 300 Sq.ft
Desert Air Coolers60 to 100 Liters 300 Sq.ft +

Note: Required capacity can vary depending on the number of persons in the room and other factors. To know which capacity suits your requirements, click here.

2. Honeycomb Cooling Pads Vs Aspen Wood Wool Cooling Pads

These two different kinds of cooling pads have different sets of benefits and limitations. The cooling pads are essentially attached to the sides of the air cooler and the pad cools down the air once the air is passed through it.

The honeycomb cooling pads are made of cellulose material and take the shape of a honeycomb. It requires a lot less maintenance and is a lot more durable and efficient. It is also slightly more expensive compared to our next variety.

For a detailed explanation of how to choose an air cooler, we recommend reading our “BUYING GUIDE“.

Symphony Siesta 70 Ltrs (White)

symphony best air cooler in india

Symphony has been in the market of air coolers long enough to be recognized by all. The Siesta 70 liters by Symphony is a desert cooler and can cool up large rooms as well and Symphony coolers are already the best air cooler in India.

Distance & Capacity

The large 70 liters tank is perfect for overnight usage as you wouldn’t need to refill it often. Once filled with water, the cooler can cover up to a massive 370 square feet room. This makes it a great fit for large rooms, halls and drawing rooms, and so on.

With its 16 inches of fan size, the aforementioned 370 sq feet room capacity, and its massive CFM of 1480 M3/ hour, the cooler packs a lot of power. It even has specially designed grills that complement the air throw.

Power Consumption & Speed Variation

It uses a simple 160 watts motor which, given its tank capacity, can save you more energy and the bill on it too. There is an ice compartment and a water level indicator for your convenience. Also, there are the standard 3-speed change settings and 4 castor wheels to it as well. 

While those are the pros, the cooler has not many complaints except for some leakage issues due to the plastic and the noise. These are not so common and Symphony provides you with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on it. For any issues, their customer support is available at 07930130111.

Product Details

Model NameSiesta 70 ltr
Number of Speeds3
Water Tank Capacity70 L

Power Features

Power Consumption – Heating900 W


Width x Height x Depth15 cm x 27 cm x 10 cm


Warranty Summary1 year
Covered in Warrantymanufacturing defects
Not Covered in Warrantyother than a manufacturing defect
Warranty Service Typeon-site


  • 70 liters tank capacity desert cooler
  • 370 sq ft room capacity
  • 1490 m3/hour CFM air throw
  • 160-watt motor.
  • 3-speed change levels
  • Has a Water level indicator
  • 4 castor wheels
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

❌ CONS ❌

  • Some Noise
  • Need to improve the plastic quality for preventing leakage

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Ltrs Room (White)

bajaj coolers in india
bajaj  coolers in india

The Maharaja Whiteline Rambo AC 303 is a desert cooler with an impressive 65 liters large tank capacity. Available in both grey and white colors, the Maharaja brings in the Indian household trust of the Maharaja Brand and that is why it is the best air cooler in India.

Capacity & Distance

With its massive 65 liters capacity, the cooler can cover as large as 700 square feet making it a great buy for people with large rooms but a tight budget. It can achieve this large room capacity with its 18 inches large fan that can throw air up to 45 feet distance. It has a significantly larger air delivery rate of 3000 m3/ hour than its CFM

The cooling pad of this cooler is made out of wood wool. This increases its water absorption capacity and added to that, the anti-bacterial tank has a dedicated ice chamber and a separate aroma chamber. Pour in some aroma oils and a few ice cubes and it will give you an icy cool and pleasant smelling aromatic breeze on hot summer nights. 

Speed Variations

Unlike most coolers with a 3-speed switch, this cooler has a 4-speed change knob. Also, for air delivery, it has a 4-way louver movement. For best results, make sure you are placing the cooler about a foot away from any wall or door. This will allow for cross ventilation. 

With a meager 165-watt power consumption, the cooler will impress you with its low noise considering it is a desert cooler. This cooler also works on the inverter power supply and Maharaja provides you with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. You can reach their customer support at 1860-180-4111 or 011-3368-4999

Technical Details

Model NamePlatini Coolest Torque PX 97
Cooling MediaHoneycomb
Number of Speeds3
Water Tank Capacity36 L
Cooling and HeatingNo
Remote SupportNo

Performance Features

Cooling Coverage Area151 sq ft
Air Delivery2000 CFM
Air Throw Distance30 ft
Air Deflection5 Ways

Body And Design Features

Body MaterialPP
Blower/Fan MaterialPlastic
Ice ChamberNo
Castor WheelsYes
Number of Castor Wheels5
Oscillating FunctionNo

✅ PROS ✅

  • 65 liters tank capacity desert cooler
  • 700 sq feet room covering capacity
  • 3000 m3/ hour CFM 
  • 18 inches fan size
  • 45 feet air throw
  • 4 level speed change knob
  • 4-way louver moment air deliver
  • dedicated ice and aroma chambers
  • 165 watts of power
  •  Inverter support
  •  Low noise
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

❌ CONS ❌

  • Needs to improve on the plastic quality
  • No castor wheels
  • Could work towards improving the overall product reliability

Orient Electric Smartcool-DX CP1601H 16-Litre Personal (Black/White)

coolers in india

Orient Electric has been a leading manufacturer of electronics in India and their coolers are a direct competition to Bajaj and Symphony in terms of brand and quality to become the best air cooler in India


The Orient Electric SmartCool DX CP1601H is a 16 Litres tank capacity personal air cooler that can cool up a room of the area about 150 square feet (that is about 14 square meters). The air delivery capacity of this cooler is about 1300 m3 per hour and thus you could say that it is an ideal cooler for small rooms and not so much for large rooms.

Pads Type & Cooling

This cooler comes with the Orient-made Densest Honeycomb Pads as its cooling medium. This will provide you with about 25% more cooling with an approximate 45% more water retention than most air coolers. The cooler has 3-speed controls from high to medium to low. 

Body & Design

Built with a full shockproof ABS plastic body, the cooler has an automatic water fill feature. Inverter compatible, the cooler has a specially designed net that will filter any dust particles or mosquitoes from entering it.

It also has a special ice compartment and can move about easily with its 4 castor wheels. Powered by 140 watts, the cooler also has a remote control that gives you ease of access. 

Though Orient is a trusted brand, this product may disappoint in terms of performance. There have been reports of the quality of the build and performance as well. Orient provides you with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product from the date of purchase.

Technical Details

BrandOrient Electric
Model NameSmartcool DX CP1601H
Cooling MediaHoneycomb
Number of Speeds3
Water Tank Capacity16 L
Cooling and HeatingNo
Remote SupportNo

Performance Features

Cooling Coverage Area150 Sq ft
Speed ControlLow, High
Operating ModeNormal, Sleep
Air Throw Distance25 ft
Air Deflection4 Way


  • 16 liters capacity personal cooler
  • Can cool up a room of 150 square feet
  • 1300 m3/ hour air delivery capacity
  • 25% more cooling and 45% more water retention 
  • 3-speed controls
  • Shockproof ABS plastic body 
  • 140 Watt power 
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

❌ CONS ❌

  • Performance issues
  • Need to improve plastic quality

Bajaj DC2015 Icon 43 Ltrs Room (White) – For Large Room

bajaj frio air cooler in india
bajaj frio air cooler in india

Bajaj needs no introduction when it comes to consumer electronics for the Middle-class of India. The Bajaj DC2015 is a 43 liters large personal cooler from Bajaj. and it is one of the best air coolers in India.

Though the tank capacity of this cooler is just 43 liters, the cooler can easily serve a room of the size 600 square feet. This makes it great for regions that have higher humidity and or places of water problems too.

The cooler can deliver an impressive high CFM of 4000 m3/ hour that is on the level of high tank capacity desert coolers. The general range of CFM is about 3000 m3/ hour which is still impressive. Coming to the air throw, the cooler can throw air as far as 50 feet away which, again, is on a competitive level to desert coolers. 


Coming to the cooling media, the Bajaj DC2015 has a wood wool media that can absorb water better and disperse it evenly. Its 3-way speed control and 4-way air deflection aid in spreading the coolness around the room.

It consumes about 200 watts of power and is also compatible with an inverter. Make sure that you are placing the cooler about a foot or two away from the walls, doors, or windows as it will ensure proper ventilation. 

As the height of the cooler is above average (to most personal coolers), it can easily provide cool air at a bed level. It has 4 castor wheels that make it easier to move it from one place to another.

While Bajaj impresses you in terms of features and pricing, it tends to fail in terms of quality. There have been reports of noise by the cooler and also the build quality of the plastic needs to be improved heavily. Also, the product needs to improve its overall quality as well.

Bajaj gives you a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. If you have any more questions or need customer support, you can contact them at 1800-102-5963.

Technical Details

Model NameCOOLEST DC 2015 ICON
ColorWhite, Maroon
Cooling MediaWood Wool
Number of Speeds3
Water Tank Capacity43 L
Remote SupportNo

Performance Features

Cooling Coverage Area600 sq ft
Air Delivery4000 CFM
Air Throw Distance50 ft
Air Deflection4 Ways


  • 42 liters capacity personal cooler
  • 3000 m3/ hour average CFM with a peak level CFM of 4000 m3/hour
  • 50 Feet air throw
  • 3 Way speed control 
  • Bed level height
  • 4-way air movement
  • 4 castor wheels for mobility
  • 200 watts power
  • Compatible with inverters
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty 


  • Bad plastic quality
  • Noise 
  • Needs to improve product reliability

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Bajaj Frio 23 Ltrs Personal

bajaj frio best air cooler
bajaj frio best air cooler

The Bajaj Frio 23 Ltrs Personal is a stylish and sleek air cooler that is apt for personal use. This cooler has a honeycomb structure for the cooling part and can work in all types of climate conditions for room sizes up to 150 sq. ft. It has 2-way speed control and delivers quiet performance. It is available in white color and comes in the category of best air cooler in India.

Product Details


Bajaj Frio Air cooler ensures higher air delivery to cool any space in your house & enhances the overall cooling experience.


Specially designed cooling media with hexagonal design delivering maximum cooling with minimum water consumption


The 23-liter large water tank ensures longer cooling with a continuous water supply system.


Bajaj Frio Air cooler has a powerful air throw of 30 feet that covers a good distance and helps in delivering air in every corner of the room.


Based on Typhoon Blower Technology you can enjoy the most soothing time with this cooler.


The ice chamber can be filled with ice cubes for the chilly air, faster & improved cooling experience


  • ✅ Sleek design
  • ✅ Large capacity for individual use
  • ✅ Easily removable pads
  • ✅ Wheels for easy mobility


  • ❌ Cross ventilation necessary for working
  • ❌ No remote control operation
  • ❌ Body made from plastic

Symphony Ice Cube 27 Personal Room 27-litres with Powerful Fan

symphony air cooler

The Symphony Ice Cube Air Cooler is a powerful cooler for single-person use that has a powerful fan and a 3-speed motor. It has a large 27 Litre tank, cooling pads, and channelized water dispenser system for superior cooling. The i-Pure technology has 5 stage filter process against dust, bacteria, PM 2.5 filter, etc. so the user gets pure air which becomes one of the best air coolers in India.

Product Description

Large Water Tank

This Symphony air cooler comes with a large 27-L water tank and delivers air up to 46 cubic meters, ensuring you can experience an efficient cooling performance at all times.

Honeycomb Cooling Pads

This air cooler features honeycomb cooling pads on three sides which help bring down the temperature of your room with ease. These honeycomb pads retain water efficiently, ensuring enhanced cooling performance.

Powerful Fan

The powerful fan of this air cooler from Symphony delivers better air throw so your room is cooled quickly and efficiently.

Convenient Knob Control

Thanks to the dial knob controls, you can easily and effortlessly control the cooling of this appliance so you can enjoy an optimal cooling experience.

i-PURE Technology

With this appliance in your home, you will not only feel cool and comfortable but also breathe hygienic air. This air cooler features the i-PURE technology, which also comes with multistage air purification filters, like the allergy filter, bacteria filters, smell filter, PM 2.5 wash filter, and dust filter.

Cool Flow Dispenser

This 27-L air cooler from Symphony comes with a cool flow dispenser that evenly distributes the water so you can experience better cooling effects.

Automatic Louvers

You can enjoy even cooling throughout the room, thanks to the automatic movement of the louvers.

Water/Ice Inlet Chamber

This air cooler comes with a dedicated water/ice chamber. You can fill ice in this chamber when you want your room temperature to reduce drastically. Moreover, the design of this chamber helps in enhancing the cooling capacity of the cooler.

Powerful Pump

This inverter comes with a dura pump, ensuring its durability and longevity.

Runs on Inverter

This appliance can run on your Home inverter, ensuring you stay cool even when there is a power outage in your area.


This Symphony air cooler consumes less electricity to function optimally, thereby reducing your monthly electricity bills.

Easy Mobility

This 27-L air cooler comes with castor wheels that can easily rotate by up to 360°, making it easy to move this appliance from one room to another.

✅ PROS ✅

  • Large tank capacity
  • Quiet performance
  • Vertical swing for equal airflow
  • Operating cost similar to a fan

❌ CONS ❌

  • The filter needs to be changed regularly
  • Less coverage area

Crompton Aura Woodwool 55-Litre Desert Cooler

crompton air cooler

The Crompton Aura Woodwool Desert Cooler is a strong air cooler with a long throw distance of 45 feet. With the auto-fill technology, the user will never need to worry about refilling water that’s by it comes in the best air cooler in India. The water can be easily drained for cleaning purposes. It has a 4-way auto deflection and three-speed modes for dynamic results. The cooler has 4 castor wheels for movement.

Product Details

Wood wool Cooling Pad

The cooler is thoughtfully designed with a wood wool cooling pad for improved water retention & better cooling performance ensuring 4200m3/hr air delivery.

Ice Chambers

For the ultimate cooling experience, the cooler has a separate ice chamber to put the ice cubes.

55 Liters Capacity

This sleek and portable cooler helps avoid the inconvenience of filling the tank multiple times. It stores 55 liters of water at a time.

Suitable For Up to 500 Sq. Ft.

Accommodate this cooling companion next to your bed, sofa, or dining table. The cooler efficiently cools the area of 500 square feet.

Inverter Capability

Enjoy uninterrupted cooling on hot summer days even without electricity by connecting the cooler to the inverter.

Rust Free Body

The durable fiber body keeps it rusts free and does not allow the deposition of watermarks.


  • Long air throw distance
  • Beautiful color combination
  • Body made from ABS and thermoplastic


  • The plastic body looks cheap.
  • Less water capacity
  • Cross ventilation required for usage

Maharaja Whiteline Rambo AC-303 65 L Air Cooler (White and Grey)

maharaja  cooler

The Maharaja Whiteline’s Rambo series is a perfect cooler for a single person or small family that’s by it comes in the best air cooler in India. With a water capacity of 65 liters, this is perfect for room sizes up to 700 sq. ft. It has a high air delivery of 3000 m3/hr and an airflow distance of 45 ft. The body is made from plastic and is shockproof along with the anti-bacterial tank. The fan has 4-way deflection and 3-speed levels for operation.

Product Details


Maharaja Rambo air cooler features a powerful motor and aerodynamic blades for higher airflow along with 4-way air deflection and enhanced airflow up to 50 Feet for maximum comfort.


Featuring higher grade wood wool pads, the cooler facilitates higher cooling efficiency that keeps the ambiance of your room, cool and comfortable. The wood wool pads ensure higher cooling due to high water holding capacity.


Equipped with a high-quality motor that is compatible with inverters when the main supply goes off, the cooler ensures peace of mind with higher compatibility of the device with inverter power supply, thereby preventing the device from any damage.


Maharaja believes in assuring your peace of mind. Hence, the Rambo desert coolers are equipped with a dry run protected submersible pump, that ensures its safety even when the water has dried up in the tank. It makes the pump more durable so your cooler can withstand years of use.


This cooler can accommodate 65 liters of water thereby providing comfort specifically for longer running hours. The germ-free water tank prevents the formation of calcium deposits while ensuring consistent air-cooling performance.


Maharaja Rambo air coolers come with a rustproof and shockproof body thereby making it safe from current leakages. The high-grade plastic body ensures easy maintenance along with providing longevity to the cooler.


  • Large tank capacity
  • Compact dimensions of the product
  • Anti-bacterial tank and aroma chamber
  • Powerful performance even in large areas

❌ CONS ❌

  • High power consumption
  • Cross ventilation is a must for proper working

Crompton Honeycomb 88-Litre Desert Cooler

Cromptopn cooler

The Crompton Honeycomb Desert Cooler is a large capacity cooler made for long-time usage with low power consumption. This cooler can work on 190W power and is inverter compatible so that the users get uninterrupted cooling even on the inverter. The water capacity of 88 liters comes with a compartment for ice as well. It has an auto-swing feature with 4-way air deflection and has 5 wheels for movement by which it comes in the best air cooler in India.

Product Details

Honeycomb Cooling Pad

The cooler is thoughtfully designed with a Honeycomb cooling pad for improved water retention & better cooling performance ensuring 4200m3/hr air delivery.

Ice chambers

For the ultimate cooling experience, the cooler has a separate ice chamber to put the ice cubes.

88 Liters Capacity

This sleek and portable cooler helps avoid the inconvenience of filling the tank multiple times. It stores 99 liters of water at a time.

Inverter Capability

Enjoy uninterrupted cooling on hot summer days even without electricity by connecting the cooler to the inverter.

Suitable For Up to 500 Sq. Ft.

Accommodate this cooling companion next to your bed, sofa, or dining table. The cooler efficiently cools the area of 500 square feet.

Motorized Louver Movement

Featuring motorized/oscillating louvers for 4 way air deflection.

Rust Free Body

The durable fiber body keeps it rusts free and does not allow the deposition of watermarks.


  • Ice chamber for additional cooling
  • Long air throw capacity
  • 5 Castor wheels for easy movement
  • Less energy consumption


  • Fan noise
  • Small supply cable
  • Honeycomb filter not as effective

Bajaj MD2020 54 Ltrs Room (White) – for Medium Room

bajaj air cooler

The Bajaj MD2020 54 Ltrs Room (White) – for Medium Room is designed to be durable with style as it makes your environment cool and fresh. With this cooler, you would wish that you could bring it to your school or office for a more motivating atmosphere to lessen the stress and come in the best air cooler in India.

Product Details


Bajaj MD 2020 Air cooler ensures higher air delivery to cool any space in your house & enhances the overall cooling experience.


Wood Wool cooling media for effective cooling across the room.


The 54-liter large water tank ensures longer cooling with a continuous water supply system.


Bajaj MD 2020 Air cooler has a powerful air throw of 70 feet that covers a good distance and helps in delivering air in every corner of the room.


Based on Typhoon Blower Technology you can enjoy the most soothing time with this cooler.


3 Speed Blower control to adjust the airflow according to the requirement


  • Pads are easy to remove
  • Has 3 cooling pads
  • Features 4-way deflection
  • Can work on your inverter
  • Contains a castor wheel to move the cooler around easier


  • Must allow cross-ventilation so cooling would work more efficiently
  • No ice chamber
  • Has no remote control
  • Has no timer

Buying Guide for Best Air Coolers

Before making a purchase, it is important to understand the specifications and other information related to the appliance. We have detailed information below that helps to make the right decision.

How does Air Cooler work?

Air coolers use the evaporation method for providing cool air. For this, a continuous water supply is necessary. They contain a reservoir where water is stored. Using a pump, water will be dispersed from the reservoir to the cooling pad. Outside air is drawn into the cooler and is further guided through the cooling pad.

The water or moisture present on the cooling pad absorbs the heat and evaporates. Once the heat is transferred, the temperature of the air decreases. Now cool air is dispersed outside using the fan. The continuous process of drawing hot air and dispersing cool main – will bring down the temperature of the room.

Types of air coolers:

Three different types of air coolers are available – tower, room, and desert. Though their working principle is the same, a few variations like water capacity differentiate them from one another.

Room Air CoolersDessert Air Coolers
20-30 liters is the water tank capacity30- 60 liters is the water tank capacity
The small to the medium-sized room can be cooledLarger sized rooms can be cooled
These coolers are suitable for humid weather conditionsThese coolers are suitable for dry areas
Blowers are mostly used in these coolers for coolingFans are used for cooling

Room/Tower Air Coolers:

Areas with humid conditions are where these personal or room coolers are mostly preferred. Instead of normal fans these air coolers come with a blower and are suitable for smaller rooms, the price is lesser.

Personal cooler allows easy mobility as it is smaller in size it can be placed anywhere like kitchen, dining, bedroom, etc, and can be carried everywhere easily as it comes with caster wheels.

It has a 20 to 30-liter water capacity; it uses low electric power than a desert cooler which makes it more apt for household use.

Desert Air Coolers:

These air coolers are mostly suitable for dry areas. They are designed for cooling large rooms and compared to personal coolers these are bigger. Cost is also a little high compared to personal coolers.

The water capacity of these coolers is 30 to 70 liters; they are designed with a fan to blow air more effectively. To draw the air from outside desert coolers should be mounted on your window. You will be able to move it from one room to another and is suitable for halls, restaurants, offices, and hotel use.

Then a normal cooler desert cooler uses more energy, you can opt for this cooler if you prefer excessive cooling.

If you need a cooling unit that is helpful to fight extreme heat then dessert coolers are the best option. If the room is smaller than room coolers would be enough.

3. How To Calculate Your Required Size

This is a very important decision that you have to take and you should make sure that you are completely sure about the kind of cooler you are looking at and whether it is sufficient to cool the length and breadth of your room.

You should always check the production description of any cooler to see what they are essentially built for. This is to be found under the heading “cooling area” or ‘Area covered’. You should also have a clear idea about the size of your room’s measurements. The area covered should ideally be more than your room size if not equal to it.

A more sophisticated way of making this determination also exists. This method is based on air delivery or air displacement. The unit used to measure this is called CFM which is the total air in the room that gets changed every couple of minutes.

In most cases, this is based on hours instead of minutes which makes it a lot more complex. It is recommended that you still check the CFM while making any purchase. You can calculate the CFM as

Calculation Formula

CFM in hours = (room surface area in square feets * room height * 0.84)


Air coolers for especially humid conditions by their very definition are known not to work too well in areas that have a very high humidity rate. If you live in such an area but would still like to get the best out of your air cooler then you have options at your disposal.

You can try adding some cold water or even ice to the water tank or put ice cubes in an ice cube tray. Many of the contemporary brands of air coolers claim to have a “humid control” feature, although in the course of our research and analysis we have not found this to be widespread.

There is also minimal evidence to prove how effective these features are in tackling humidity. Several terms are associated with air coolers are good to know of and we will discuss some of them in the section below.

Different Features

1. Ice Cube Tray

Certain air coolers have this facility whereby you can keep an ice tray on the top shelf of the air cooler As the ice melts gradually, the ice water gets mixed in with the water tank and ultimately helps in cooling the overall temperature of the water by a few degrees.

2. Compatible With An Inverter

The important thing about this point which many individuals stress is that an air cooler runs on very little power and thus it can run on the inverter. The amount of electricity air coolers spend on average is approximately somewhere around 120 watts to 180 watts.

If your Home has various electrical appliances and lights which consume around 200 watts then you will be more than well covered upon purchasing a 600 Va inverter. If you can buy a 900 VA inverter then it is all the more well covered.

3. Remote Control Feature

This feature is almost exactly similar to the way an AC is operated using a remote control. You can change the air or even alter air cooler functionality using this feature.

4. Variable Speed Control Knob

You can control the speed of the fan using this button. It allows you to change the fan speed very easily from high to low or vice versa.

5. Water Level Indicator

As is self-evident from the name itself, this feature is essentially used to indicate to the user when the water tank is full.

The indicator in most cases is a manual one from which you can easily understand how much water is required for the entire tank.

6. Tower Air Coolers

It constitutes a specialized variation of air coolers in general. If you are worried about the aesthetics of your room and decor, you should consider a tower cooler.

It is no surprise to see that these models have grown in sales and have now become the new cool product in terms of air coolers which everyone wants to have.

Tower coolers are hugely popular not only because of the exceptional design of the device but it is also favored because it ends up occupying a smaller amount of floor space compared to others.

7. Multi-Functional Wheels

These wheels are extremely helpful as they essentially convert your air cooler to a mobile device that can be conveniently shifted to one room from another.

It makes the air cooler easy to transfer as well over longer distances and maximizes the portability feature by a significant margin.

8. Empty Tank Alarm

This is another feature that does not require much explanation as it is quite self-evident. The air cooler requires a basic level of water to remain operational and this alarm makes sure you are aware of it at all times.

Whenever you hear the alarm make a beeping sound, it means that you need to fill up the water tank as soon as possible otherwise the cooler will not work effectively.

9. Without Water

This is another one of those new features which can cause a stir in the market when it comes to air cooler sales. If an air cooler can run without water, it becomes very much similar to an air conditioner as it ends up saving you the additional cost of bearing the burden of an extra water motor and large water tank which ultimately makes it much a lot more economical and affordable.

Another impressive thing about this variant of air coolers is that it is a great option for people living in areas with some scarcity of water. The feature operates by driving the air from a large open area to a small dense zone. This alters the prevailing air pressure and ends up giving you cool clean air to soothe your nerves on a boiling day.

You should know however that the effectiveness of this sort of cooling. In India, very few such models are available, especially online. For it to be considered for widespread mainstream usage, the technology needs to undergo further development.

10. Pad Thickness 

Water absorbed by the cooling pad has a direct impact on air cooling. So, the basic thumb rule to consider while analyzing this feature is – the thicker the pad, the cooler will be air production. The ideal thickness level is considered as 90 mm.

11. Design

Most people don’t prefer to buy air coolers as they take up a lot of space and do not go with the aesthetics of the room. Manufacturers nowadays are providing sleek and stylish design models like tower air coolers. These air coolers are in trend as they are powerful to be used in large rooms and take up less space. The tower model blows air at a certain height and in two directions so it has to be placed in the corner of the room. It is a little expensive and not widely used in houses.

12. Remote Control Feature

Choose the air cooler that has a remote, so that it will be easy for you to access the cooler easily. You don’t need to get up every time to change the speed settings; if you have a remote system you can control the speed of the fan easily.

13. Ice Cube Tray

Few coolers come with the facility of the ice tray. You can keep the ice tray on the top shelf of the cooler, as the ice melts it mixes with the water tank and helps in cooling the temperature of water in a few degrees.

14. Shutoff dampeners

Coolers are designed in the way that when they release cool air they ensure that coolness does not lash out of the cooler premise. Flaps or shut-off dampers present at the discharge of fans preserve the cooling effect of air that comes from the cooler.

 Flaps are put along the duct when the cooler is switched on they automatically open and close when the cooler is switched off.

15. Compatible with an Inverter

Coolers are well known for low energy consumption. Some coolers have added features that can even work on inverters. Compared to standard air coolers these coolers consume up to 50% lesser power. If there is a constant power cut at your home then this is the best option.

16. Brand

It is always good to choose a well-known brand than locally made and also check out the warranty. The well-known brand always gives you good service, assists you better and they will come to the house and fix it.

Air coolers that are listed here are all well-recognized brands, you can purchase without any worry.

17. Price

Checking a budget is also important before you buy the cooler. In India, the best air coolers from the well-recognized brand’s cost start from Rs 5000 to Rs 12,000 and above. You need to pay a little more if you want to buy a cooler with a high tank capacity.

As for my choice, I would like to suggest anything around 30 to 50 liters of air coolers would be great, between Rs 6000- Rs 9000 you will get this type of air coolers.

18. Warranty

Manufactures provide a year warranty generally as few other manufacturers may provide a longer period of warranty. Choose the model that has a longer period, so you will be having protected and safeguarded after your purchase.

19. Effectiveness of Coolers in various temperatures

In hot and dry climates, air coolers work well. Depending on the evaporation of the water in the atmosphere, the working of the air cooler depends. If the water evaporates more, you will get cooler air.

For the air holding capacity of the atmosphere, there will be a limit, if there is humidity already it will not be able to hold more water and give good results in getting cool air. It will be cooler in drier climates. Thus, the Higher the humidity lesser will be the effect of the cooler.

Humidity Control

It is the new addition to the coolers this overcomes the drawbacks. Many top brands like Bajaj, symphony models have this special feature and can be used in the humid coastal region.

The figure shows the relation between temperature that is outside and humidity in the air.

If the air temperature is 90 Fahrenheit (32.3 Celsius) and humidity is 30% then outside air gets cool up to 74 Fahrenheit (23.3 Celsius).

The temperature that comes from the cooler also increases as the humidity goes on increasing.


  • When compared to air conditioners, air coolers cost 70% much lesser.
  • Air cooler consumes 80% less electricity than an air conditioner and 30% more power than a ceiling fan.
  • As they use water for cooling the air and don’t consume more power, air coolers are considered to be eco-friendly.
  • Being portable, you can move air coolers from one to another.
  • Air conditioners take inside air, cool it down and direct it into the room again. But air cooler takes fresh air from outside, cools it and directs it inside the room. So, fresh air is circulated within the room.


  • One of the main drawbacks of using an air cooler is that they are dependent on climate. In high humid areas, coolers are inefficient. Air coming out from the air cooler will be humid due to evaporated water. So, coolers add more humidity levels to the air. If you live in coastal or high humidity areas, then check out the humidity control option beforehand.
  • Coolers require continuous water supply for providing cool air. If you live in a locality with water scarcity, then coolers may not suitable.
  • If you live in an area with hard water supply, then internal parts of the cooler are more prone to corrosion.
  • Noise generated by a fan can be frustrating.

Tips for better working

  • The position of the air cooler should be in front of the window. The evaporation will be faster if the air is hotter. From the fan, the cooler air is blown.
  • The humidity needs to be pushed out to create good ventilation in the room. Due to this window of the room should be open. As it results in increasing the room temperature you should be careful that the window should not be opened too wide.
  • Using ice water is good on very hot days as it will lower the temperature further.
  • It is time to clean the cooler if there is a foul smell, cleaning and maintaining will increase its lifetime.
  • Keep cooling pads of cooler clean all time for good performance.
  • Be sure there are no leakages and it is important to maintain the water tank clean.
  • Cleaning of the fan blades will make sure that the air cooler will be of the highest efficiency.

Effectiveness of Coolers in Various Temperatures

Air coolers are best suitable for dry and hot areas. As its main working depends on water – more the evaporation, cooler the air will be.

However, the air has a certain limit for holding moisture. If the air is already humid, then it will not hold more water. So, evaporation and cooling don’t happen to the extent which usually occurs in dry climates. So, higher humidity less will be the cooling.

To solve these issues, manufacturers have been including humidity control features in a few of their air coolers. Bajaj and Symphony brands provide this feature in some of their models. If you live in humid areas, then choose an air cooler with this option.

To provide better insight, we have provided a clear diagram representing the relation between humidity and temperatures.

If the humidity levels of your area are 30% and the temperature is 32.3 Celsius (90 F), then air can be cooled up to 23.3 Celsius (74 F). As the humidity levels increase, the efficiency of cooling also decreases.

Air cooler Vs Air conditioner:

The comparison between an air cooler and an air conditioner is given in the below table.

Air CoolerAir Conditioner
Air cooler prices start from Rs 3000 to Rs 15000.  Air conditioners costs between Rs 25,000 to Rs 50, 000.
Installation is not required for air coolersInstallation is a little difficult for the air conditioner, for window A.C there should be made proper arrangements and for split A.C proper drill should be done to walls.
These are eco-friendly as it uses water for cooling the roomA.C uses harmful CFLs as a refrigerant to cool liquids, these are harmful to environments.
You need to fill water every time in the air coolers. 10 buckets of water are required for regular use.Daily, there is no maintenance required for the air conditioners.
It uses outside air to cool the room down it circulates fresh air.Internal air is circulated by using air conditioners.
Here fresh air is usedFor Asthma patients make sure that A.C has bacteria filters.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Which air cooler is best for the humid climate?

Room or tower heaters are best for areas with high humidity levels. Because these air coolers use blowers instead of a fan, for circulating the cool air. Symphony and bajaj brands have the best tower air coolers and room air coolers.

2. Symphony or Kenstar which one is best?

Among these two brands, we prefer to go with Symphony as it provides better quality and durability products than Kenstar. Apart from that, the customer service of the symphony is also much better than Kenstar.

3. Which air cooler is best for the hall or big rooms?

For rooms larger than 400SQFT, desert coolers are the best option. They are capable of cooling large spaces because of their high water tank capacity and cooling capabilities. Previously, desert coolers used to come in fixed forms. But nowadays they are available in movable options as well.

4. Which air cooler is best – blower or fan?

Air coolers with blowers work best for small to medium-sized rooms. Because they disperse air only in specific directions. When it comes to fans, they are perfect for large rooms and outdoors as well. Because they are efficient in circulating air in large quantities.

5.  Air cooler or fan – which one is best?

The answer is obvious; an air cooler provides better cooling than a fan. Because the air cooler cools down the air and circulates it. But fans just re-circulate the air present in the room. Fans only cover a limited area. While air coolers evenly distribute the cool air all over the room.

6. What is the best air cooler for a small room?

Tower air coolers are enough to provide proper cooling to small rooms. Symphony Diet 12T is the best air cooler for small rooms.

7. Which is the best air cooler without water?

Tower fans work without using water. But they are not suitable for dry areas. As there is no water supply, they will not cool down the air. They can only re-circulate the fan in the room.

8. What is the best brand of air coolers in India September 2023 ?

  • The following are the best brands of air coolers in India 2023
  • Symphony
  • Orient
  • Crompton
  • Kenstar
  • Bajaj

9. Are air coolers really effective?

Yes. They can make the air cool using the evaporation mechanism. When water or ice is added to the air cooler, it evaporates them and spreads the cool air through the airflow dispenser.

10. What is the difference between wood wool and a honeycomb air cooler?

The difference is the level of water absorption and also the evaporation process. The wood wool coolers are a bit pricey and also the power they consume is much more. As far as the water consumption is in question, wood wool coolers consume a lot more water than basic honeycomb coolers. You have to make sure you prioritize your interest and select the one you wish to have.

11. Is it ok to purchase a cooler meant for a small room and use it in a big one?

You will not face any issues if you use a smaller capacity cooler in a large area. The only issue you will face is uneven air across your room. Your room will not get the sufficient amount of air it needs and only a limited and particular area of the room will stay cool. To enjoy the best of the cooler experience it is highly recommended you take the capacity of coolers into account.

12. Is water capacity level really an issue?

Water capacity is not an issue as far as the functionality is in question. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits the cooler has to offer. The only issue you will face is refilling the cooler. You will have to refill the cooler quite often if you purchase a smaller water capacity cooler, whereas if you choose a larger one, your labor will decrease to a great extent.

13. Is it best to choose a cooler with wheels?

Almost all the coolers you will find in the market are already embedded with wheels which makes it easy for the user to carry it across the areas easily. If you happen to come across a cooler you wish to purchase and have no wheels, you can always buy a stand with wheels on which the cooler can be placed. Such stands are easily available in the market so choose the stand which best goes with your cooler.

14. Is ice tray really a requirement?

If the cooler has an additional chamber for an ice tray, you can add on some ice in it and the air the cooler would produce is assured to be cooler as compared to the normal air. In case you come across a cooler which has no provision of ice trays, you can instead choose to add on ice in the water which would as well work and you will notice the chance of coolness in the air.

15. Do coolers sync with the cross ventilation provision?

Humidity is what most of the coolers find a hard time battling. The climate plays a very significant role in affecting the humidity of a particular area and that in turn affects the room temperature of your area. Hence, it is always best of your interest to have a cross-ventilation provision available in the room. This would affect the air produced by the cooler as the excess humidity will be forced out of the ventilator.

16. Do silent coolers provide absolutely no noise?

There is no such thing as no-noise coolers. Coolers do produce noise and that is a result of the technology with which they work. The fans, motor, the motion of water, etc all do have an impact on the noise produced by the cooler. But there is a slight differentiation in terms of the kind of fans that are used in the cooler and they affect the noise process. Such coolers are not noise-free but rather produce lesser noise as compared to regular coolers.

17. Does the water quality affect the life span of coolers?

Yes, the quality of water which you use in the cooler does affect the internal part of the cooler. There is a lot of hardware that is put together to get the cooler working. All such parts get in contact with the water and as a result, produce the air which comes out of the cooler. This is why the quality of water does matter.

If you live in a place having hard water, it would affect the functionality of the cooler. The way to cope with this issue is to maintain the cooler. You need to take good care of the cooler and maintain it by cleaning it at regular intervals if you want to minimize the risk and the effect hard water has on the internal parts of the cooler.

18. Is it best to buy the most expensive cooler?

Price does vary as a result of the additional features which are made available with the coolers. Examples of such features are empty tank warning, sleep mode, remote control, etc. These factors do matter but what needs to be taken into consideration is the element the coolers are made for. The capacity of cooling the air and by the efficiency with which the coolers work is the basic which needs to be sorted. Make sure you lookout for the same and the additional features are extremely dependent upon your need.

19. What is the best space to place the coolers?

It is forever advised to place coolers near windows. Place a cooler in a closed space is a myth and works against the technology of coolers. If the air is hotter, then the evaporation process will be faster too and as a result, cool air is thrown out of the cooler. The humidity should be pushed out of the room and windows do that. But, it is also important that you do not leave the doors and windows wide open for the excess humidity and temperature to enter the room.

20. Are air coolers bad for your health?

After evaporation, the air cooler allows the water vapor to revolve around the room. This is the reason humidity is increased, so they can be used in dry and hot weather conditions. If you use it in places that are already humid, then it can affect your health. There is a drain plug but the draining can be done manually only.

21. Why do air coolers increase humidity?

An increase in humidity is created when an air cooler is used. After evaporation, the air cooler allows the water vapor to revolve around the room. Water vapor in the air is called humidity, so it can be used in dry and hot weather conditions.


The  Symphony Siesta is the best air cooler in India which comes with a 70 Litres tank capacity and a manageable 1490 m3/hour CFM capacity. Its 160-watt motor is enough to cool down a room of 370 square feet. Also, it comes with a 1-year warranty and the brand trust of Symphony which makes this desert personal cooler one of the best coolers to buy in India.

While that was our list of best air coolers in India, we are intrigued to hear from you. Did we miss out on anything or do you wish to see another impressive cooler being reviewed? Do you have any questions about coolers, fans, table fans, or Air conditioners? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below. Our team of product experts will write back to you as soon as possible.

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